The Controversy Of Censorship

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Books are constantly beint banned. Parents do not want their children to be exposed to materials the find inapropriate. Although it is easy to understand a parent wanting to protect his/her child sometimes borders are crossed. People are right when they say limits should be set, but the question comes up..."who should be held responsible for setting them.?" Who gets to choose what is right and not right. What is vulgar and could possibly scar a child. Who gets the privilage of deciding what goes and doesn't? Censorship inhibits the freedom of all people. It creates a wall that most authors can not over come. It is a right that was guarenteed to us when the U.S. constitution was written and signed. However the freedom of speech is not always…show more content…
Gods law is the one most frequently turned to. And though it could be considered to be true in a philosophical sense it is not true in a legal one. It is extremely cleare in the constitution that "The congress shall make no law abridging...freedom of speech, or of the press." Yet every minute a different book is being taken off the shelf. "All censorships exist to prevent anyone from challenging curren conceptions and existing institution." (Scales, 131) This quote perfectly explains the main reason for censorship. Keeping people un-exposed to certain works will increase the chance of them being oblivious to that particular subject. And if people are oblivious then they can not question what they have been taught. Thy can not question their government...or their rights. But not knowing about something does not keep us from questioning. All it does is keep us un-informed. Teenagers remain un-educated about things like STD's because some schools have banned the teaching of it. Is that keeping the students safe? Is it keeping them from having sex and getting sic? Absoluly not. It doesn't help because the students don't know about it and so they are not careful when confronted by a serious

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