The Controversy Between Penelope And Penelope In Homer's The Odyssey

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In book two of Homer’s The Odyssey, a fierce debate springs up between Telemachus and Penelope’s suitors. The two parties argue mainly over Penelope’s future and her refusal to either reject all the suitors or accept one as her spouse. However, all throughout the debate, no one stops to ask Penelope’s opinion or even stops to ponder the fact that she might want a say in the outcome of her future. Women living in ancient Greece such as Penelope had few rights and were viewed almost as property. The suitors see Penelope as a prize, and the very best of prizes, with her lavish dowry, beauty, and high social status that would enable them to become king. “Instead of seeking a suitable bride, we feed our hopes from day to day on the thought of the incomparable…show more content…
“A crowd of suitors are pestering [Penelope] with their unwanted attention,” (Homer, 16, line 50). Even though Penelope has virtually no rights, she is very witty and does find ways to restrain her suitors, which angers them even further once her motives are discovered. We suitors plead “Not Guilty”. It is [Penelope], that incomparable schemer, who is the culprit. For three whole years- in fact close on four- she has been leading us on, giving us all some grounds for hope, and in her private messages to each making promises that she has not the slightest intention of keeping. And here’s another example of her duplicity. On her loom in her house she set up a great web and began weaving a large and delicate piece of work. She said to us: “My lords, my suitors, now that noble Odysseus is dead, restrain your ardour, do not urge on this marriage till I have done this work... so by day she used to weave at the great web, but every night had torches set beside it and undid the work. For three years she took us in by this trick, (Homer, 17, line

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