The Controversial Issue Of Abortion In Canada

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Would you ever abuse or murder your mother, father, child, brother or sister? Abortion is the termination of pregnancy after conception, which basically kills the fetus or embryo. Before 1988, the Canada Criminal Code defined abortion as a crime and came with strict punishments. A woman could even have been sentenced to life imprisonment. Pregnancy could only be terminated in cases where the woman or the fetus was at fatal risk. The rights of the fetus has been a constant issue of debate as some people believe the fetus has the right to life, whereas others feel that the mother should have the right to terminate a pregnancy. Currently in Canada, there are no laws against abortion although this varies throughout the world. Some countries allow…show more content…
Some partners choose not to use contraceptives, and therefore imply that they accept the responsibility in cases where pregnancies occur. When people engage in sexual intercourse, they are educated enough to be aware of the risks that come with sex. People know that contraceptives have chances of failing, especially if not used properly. Both partners should accept responsibility for their actions, rather than abandoning their problems. All individuals know the consequences and responsibilities with sex, and it is implied that they accept these duties when they engage in sexual…show more content…
The laws vary according to the province the mother resides in. In Canada, it is legal to receive an abortion under any circumstances. To solve this issue, I believe the Canadian government should make abortion illegal, because it is unjust. Killing or harming another individual is never right, and should not be legal. Sexual activity comes with risks, and couples should take responsibility for their actions. Depression is a side-effect that is associated with abortion, and should be avoided. Abortion will always be one of the most popular topics of debate as many individuals have numerous opinions on the aborting of the fetus. Bibliography Long, L. (2009). Abortion [Article ]. Retrieved October 27, 2009, from Historica-Dominion, The Canadian Encyclopedia website: Pregnant Pause. (2002, April 15). Summary of Abortion Laws Around the World [Chart ]. Retrieved October 27, 2009, from Pregnant Pause website: CBC News. (2009, May 21). Abortion rights: significant moments in Canadian history [Article Timeline]. Retrieved October 27, 2009, from CBC News website:

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