The Construction Project Essay

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The Construction Project In the construction world I often hear, “I wish we could just tear the building down and start it all over.” Remolding off an old foundation can have its ups and downs. From my stand point, I would rather start on a new house then remodel or add on to a pre-existing house. The time and effort that goes into a remodel can go from being a nightmare to a walk in the park, depending on what I’m working with. The same can go with building a brand new house, if the person doesn’t know what they are doing. So, is building a house easier then tearing out the old and bringing in the new or is it the other way around? When building a new house, you start with brand new merchandise. The foundation on the house has not had time to sink, so everything is square from the start. Now that you have started to build your house, the rough framing will go pretty fast. There are always certain steps to follow when you are on a new construction project, sometimes you might have to skip one and then come back to it, but it’s always the same. Being the same way tends to make the job get done a little faster than if it was all chopped up. For every trade that starts on a new project, everything is laid out for them on a blueprint with minor changes to build things to code. Now when you have a house that is already built, most of the materials are there for you. You also get a blue print to start the project and everything is measured and put in the right place according to the designer’s plan. Starting on a remodel is just like building a new home. There are certain sequences to follow according to what type of project you are doing. Let’s say we are doing a basement remodel, the first thing you would have to do (that’s if everything is already gutted out) is lay out your walls on the ground. After you have the walls standing up and in place, then it’s time to
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