The Constitution, Slavery or Anti Slavery

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The final draft of the United States constitution was approved by the twelve state delegations on September 17, 1787. The document provided the laws of the land as well as the rights of its people. The document tries to cover all the many problems of the country, but seems it came on as a great challenge due to the fact that we all have different views and interpretations. The laws were made pretty clearly as they were extremely elaborated, but when it came down to slavery, it wasn’t clear whether any laws were made because the word black or slaves was not mentioned at all. The United States constitution was neither pro-slavery nor anti-slavery. The constitution starts off with Article.1 Section 1, stating all legislative powers have to go through Congress, the Senate, and the House of Representatives. This continues on throughout the sections of Article 1. From the House of Representatives, to the Senate, Elections, and billings, the constitution continued. Congress was given power to impose taxes. They regulated the trade that was going on amid the states and had enough power raise an army and control interstate commerce. The 3-branch government was made where a judicial branch took care of the debates in a federal court system, the President was head of the executive branch and the legislative branch. Although the above examples give an overall idea of what the constitution was based on, with no talk about slaves, there might be more meaning behind the words. As said in class people who wrote the constitution were both for and against slavery. So what can they have possibly decided would be the right thing to do? Well, although the laws are written straightforward without using any key words we know that slaves were not known as citizens. They weren’t citizens because slaves were considered property of the owner and basically nothing to the United States.
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