The Connection of Evolution Essay

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Grant Dodge Professor Barnes Philosophy 1 December 2, 2013 The Connection of Evolution The theory of evolution of life on earth is very possibly one of the most debated topics in history. In Charles Darwin’s The Origin of the Species Darwin gives us an explanation of how his theory of evolution formulated. He then defends his theory with certain connections to other species and fossils found that serve as evidence to his theory. Darwin tries to convince readers that humans and apes share certain ancestors, not that we necessary evolved from them. Darwin goes through supportive evidence that further proves his theory and disproves the counter argument that humans were specially created on this planet. He also proves that there is evidence from different life forms on earth that connect us with them. Darwin then replies to religious criticism that his theory is incorrect and will affect moral values. The theory of evolution does not force someone to abandon his or her faith and change values but maybe open their minds to other possibilities. Darwin does well to help link our connection to other species and this earth and with compassion for others beliefs it is possible for everyone to be able to, fairly and without bias, choose what they believe in. Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution gives the best insight as to the origin of human existence and should be taught in schools as a theory of science rather than being kept out. The theory of evolution has the most evidence to explain how humans and the rest of the species on this world have come to be. One argument against evolution is that why are there no more linking species alive today that connect humans to other species. Charles Darwin addresses this question, “We have reason to believe that only a few species of a genus ever undergo change, and that the other species become utterly extinct and leave
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