The Conflict in Northern Ireland Essay

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The conflict in Northern Ireland The troubles were a cycle of violence between Protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland. The conflict took place in 1968 and ended in 1998. On the one side stood, the unionists, mainly Protestants, who fought for Northern Ireland to remain a part of Britain. On the other side stood the nationalists, mainly Catholics, who wanted to see Northern Ireland as a part of the Irish Republic. The disagreement between Protestants and Catholics have over the 40 last year led to violent and bloody clashes. Since 1968, more than 3000 people died and more than 2500 people have been wounded in Northern Ireland. The conflict started, because Protestant demonstrators began attacking the Catholic Neighborhoods in Belfast and Londonderry. Therefore the organization, IRA (Irish Republican Army) resurrected, and began to protect the Catholics. All the demonstrations turned into civil war. After the dissension between Protestants and Catholics, Great Britain started to send British soldiers to Northern Ireland. Over the next thirty years, many terrible things happened. On 30 January 1972 a Protestant civil rights march took place in Londonderry. When the demonstration reached the catholic district, it led to clashes between Protestants and Catholics. 13 persons were killed and 17 wounded. This day was called ‘’Bloody Sunday’’. On 21 July 1972 The IRA put 22 bombs in Belfast. 9 people died and 130 people were hurt, Protestants and Catholics, British and Irish. This day was called ‘’Bloody Friday’’. IRA kept doing actions, and Protestant terrorist groups made actions against IRA. It didn’t seem to, that the violence would stop. But in 1998 ‘’Good Friday Agreement’’ took place. This agreement said, that Catholics and Protestants must work together in the Northern
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