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The Conference Learning something new can be a challenging experience. I had a big assignment for my speaking and listening class that I had to work and organize a conference. The conference is called "Business, Economics, and Society" that I had worked on it as a team with my classmates. I worked with different organizations before, but it was totally different than the conference I recently did. At the beginning, my teacher (Natalie) gave us a general idea and described for us how is the work going to be. She divided us into four small groups, which were submission and communication, marketing and promotion, designing, and registration. Each group has four students that are worked together. She explained for each group their tasks and what they should do. Each group member started to introduce his or her self to the others. That was how we started our conference work. I was in the designing group, which is responsible t o create the poster, program events, logo, and the radio promotion for the conference. After each group knew what they should do, it was necessary to set an appointment, so we meet and discuss the ideas and distribution of tasks. When we met, we discussed a lot of things. Like, should we create our own logo or we can just get it from Internet. What is the most important information that should the poster includes; the colors, poster design, and a lot of things. In fact, we had all worked hard and diligently. Our works were supervised by our class teacher (Natalie). She guided and discussed with us about what we were doing and corrected our mistakes. We had done a lo t of works preparing for the conference until the day of the conference, which was distinctive and pleasant. We Taleb Alsumain Ms. Natalie Dileman 2012 Student Leadership Conference January 17, 2011 were very satisfied for what we had

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