The Conclusion Of Winton's Novel 'Cloudstreet'

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Essay 3 “A key aspect of Cloudstreet’s ongoing appeal is its fitting conclusion” The conclusion of Winton’s novel “Cloudstreet” is full of many themes which encourage the reader to think about and finish the book understanding the main themes and ideas that were present throughout the novel. In my opinion the ending of “Cloudstreet” brings an end to the physical journey of the Lambs and Pickles but also a spiritual journey to Fish Lamb who is finally reunited with his spiritual self after being separated for so long. I also believe that the conclusion ends the theme of unity as the two families finally come together as one and fish lamb becomes one with his spiritual self. During the novel many of the characters don’t feel as though they…show more content…
He has longed for the water as this is his way out of a life he has been forced to live missing something very important. His whole life he has longed to be with the water, this is highlighted with “the sound has been in his ears his whole life and he’s hungry for it”. Fish has never been happier in his life and Winton uses emotive language “Fish lamb with a great slack grin on his face” to show the excitement he has as he lives his last moments in this world and is about to enter the next. Repetition of the bait leaps behind him”, this sentence describes the mood he is and the way he is running along the wharf/jetty to the water. Fish finally reconnects with his spiritual self and has fulfilled his desire; this is shown with “I feel my manhood” as he is drowning in the river. In conclusion the ending of Tim Winton’s ‘Cloudstreet’ is extremely important to the reader as it brings closure and an end to the themes of the novel, those being acceptance, belonging, unity and people coming together to put aside their differences in order to live together in happiness and peace. The conclusion of the novel also completes Fish’s journey as he is finally united with his spiritual self and leaves a world he felt he did not belong

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