The Concept Behavior Essay

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The Concept Behavior AIDS is a devastating disease that is present in almost every community. It cuts across boundaries of culture, class, education levels, ethnicity and race. The most important question for one to ask then is why the disease is as pervasive as it is. A concept is an idea that is connected with something, while behavior is the way a person, animal or plant functions in a particular situation (Dictionary definitions). This entails that humans have a particular of behaving whenever they encounter situations that stimulate sexual feelings. Behavior is a cognitive or psychological aspect because it is the principle determinant of the way an actor responds to sexual stimuli. Parker, Keely, and Lewis (2001) note that behavior change has been widely used in the field of health promotion and within the realm of HIV/AIDS, it is thought of as the primary focus of HIV/AIDS prevention. Concepts of behavior change however require critical analysis before implementation because good enough reason to believe that a positive correlation exists between individual choice and social contexts. In other words, what an individual experiences in the socio-economic environment is likely to model the resultant sexual habits. Behavior change was adopted in the early years of the epidemic when it was believed that it was easy to identify high risk groups, who are well defined such as truck drivers as well as where risk could could easily be attached to particular sexual relationships and risk behaviors. But as time passed, target groups became larger, and more diverse. It is now more difficult to readily isolate or target high risk groups. Parker, in Gillies (1996) asserts that research in sexual behavior was less intensive until the onset of HIV/AIDS pandemic. This acted as a wake up call for a deeper understanding of sexual behavior. It is in this light
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