The Computer Versus The Human Brain Essay

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Today we are living in a time when technology progresses by leaps and bounds every day and every month. The computer is playing an increasingly important role in the society. With the computer you can conduct scientific statistical analyses, surf the internet and get useful information, and undertake some virtual experiments. You can also watch movies, listen to music, and play video games. We may say that the computer is indispensable to our life. Someone even hold the belief that the computer may replace the human brain one day in people’s life, work, and every other respect. Despite all the advantages of the computer, it is no match to the human brain. It is undeniable that the computer becomes more intelligent as technology develops with each passing day. The computer can conduct data processing at the speed of 280.6 TFLOPS (trillion floating point operations per second) which is much faster than the human brain does. It can be applied to robots so that these intelligent robots can sing, dance, and do some hard manual or poisonous job for men. These may lead to the thought that the computer can substitute the human brain. In terms of intelligence, the human brain is the father of the intelligent computer. The human brain is an inexhaustible well of intelligence and it is creative, while the computer just passively receives the intelligence from the human brain, like a tool to actualize the human brain’s intelligence. We all know that the computer is just a cold machine and cannot communicate with the users or the communication is unilateral. But the human brain has a lot of emotions—happiness, anger, sorrows and so on. Only the human brain can listen to you and understand you when you are in trouble. The computer, lifeless and mechanical, which can only do what people tell it to do, will hardly be emotional. Due to the down sides of the computer, it is

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