The Computer Build Essay

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For the past couple months I have been working on my personal project. I have had some problems along the way but overall it turned out just about how I pictured it to be. I started out with just an idea, I already knew that I was interested in computers and how they work so I decided for my personal project I would build my own. When I first began doing my research I had a basic idea of how computers ran but know where near how much you really needed to know about them to build your own. I went on to and found a great video hosted by a website where I would later come to buy all my parts from This video broke it down into great detail and at first I had no idea what they were talking about. After more research on and and watching the video over a couple more times I was beginning to understand how much this was really going to cost. I had to sacrifice all my Christmas money and that still wasn’t enough. I had to figure out a way to raise my own money. I came to the conclusion of starting up my own ebay store and selling my two ipods. I first put them on and was being hassled by a couple people from Nigeria. They were pressuring me, an inexperienced ebay seller on sending out the ipods without receiving any money. I called ebay because this was becoming a recurring process of putting them up for sale and immediately being bought by someone in Nigeria. With Ebays help I was able to “ban” anyone from out of the United States from purchasing my items. After this my sales went smoothly, I got paid sent them out and received positive feedback. Its January 1st and I have all the money I need. I begin ordering parts hoping they will all ship out with no problems. My mentor is up in NY for the holidays and when all the parts come in we will begin the build. Everything came in no problem and Ryan and I start putting it
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