The Comparison of “Drinking in Moonlight” and “Words by Two Men”

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Katherine Professor December 9, 2013 The Comparison of “Drinking in Moonlight” and “Words by Two Men” 1200 years ago, in China, a man was drinking in the moonlight, and his name is Li Po. This scene is from the Lo Po’s poem, “Drinking in moonlight,” which is a famous lyric poetry in China. Under the silver moonlight, Li Po enjoys his loneliness and drinks wine. However, what makes me amazed is that a man has similar mood with Li Po after 1200 years. This person is Roberto Juarroa, a man in Francisco Hernandez’s poem, “Words by Two Man.” These two transcendental poems have same distinct theme, loneliness, and they also have many other similarities from small images to overall imagery. There are many images in both Li Po’s “Drinking in Moonlight” and Hernandez’s “Words by Two Man,” and some images in these two poems have connections or similarities. Li Po’s “Drinking in Moonlight” opens with “I sit with my wine jar/ among flowers/ blossoming trees” to directly point out the persona and the setting. “Flowers,” “moon,” “trees” and “spring,” these natural images in “Drinking in Moonlight,” indicate that it is a spring night. Li Po invites the moon to drink with him as if the moon were his intimate friend. As he writes, I raise my cup and ask him to join me bringing my shadow making us three Li Po celebrates his loneliness by singing and dancing with moon and shadow rather than crying or sobbing. In Li Po’s view, moon is his friend who will meet again someday, and shadow is also his friend who is made up by the heart and segmented from himself. Similarly, in the beginning of “Words by Two Man,” “Two man walk along the beach” also indicates the heroes and setting. “Beach,” “winter,” “sea,” “jetty” and “sand” these images in “Words by Two Men” builds a graceful seaside scenery and makes readers feel immersive. From the first part of

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