The Comparison Between Young Goodman Brow and the Country Dr Essay

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The comparative work on Kafka’s country doctor and Hawthorn’s Young Goodman Brown: By Maryam Moosavi In this essay the two prominent short stories ,The country doctor by Kafka and Young Goodman Brown by Nathanial Hawthorn are compared together with regards to their journeys and the meaning the authors tried to convey in both works .In both works we see the main characters starting a journey that would cause them to face a lot of challenges and the end does not turns out well .Young Goodman Brown is starting a night journey toward the forest at the sunset to go to a devilish ceremony and leaving his wife ,Faith alone .The country doctor goes on an urgent journey to survive a patient whose house is ten miles away in the sever storm. Mysterious figures:  Both in Young Goodman Brown and The Country Doctor there comes a mysterious figure to push him toward their journey. Both of the figures that appeared to main characters at first have a kind of unlikely aura that the main character fear them or is suspicious toward them. In Young Goodman Brown ,the old man who is the Devil doesn’t give Goodman Brown the feeling of security rather his appearance is giving him a sense of terror and insecurity. In the Country Doctor, the doctor is suddenly encountered by the groom at the door of his own pigsty who seemed to be friendly at first by offering the horses but then by acting strangely toward Rosa and putting those two marks on her face, shocked the confused doctor.  The devil’s arm and staff are like a time machine that move Goodman Brown to his destination in twinkling of an eye the similar experience is happening in Kafka’s Country Doctor where the doctor is moved ten miles in just a second with the magic horses. Expectation:  In Young Goodman Brown the journey is planned before as he expected to see the old man in the forest to accompany him to the ceremony but in the

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