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Why I Procrastinate and Techniques on Prevention The information I gathered to help me with this problem was thinking of different things that will benefit anyone reading this paper: why I procrastinate, the causes of what procrastinating can do to me and my health, and different ways to prevent procrastination. Why I Procrastinate Causes of Procrastination In this course I have learned different techniques on how to incorporate going to school in my everyday life. Even though I have learned these skills and I understand them, I only use some of them instead of including them all in my everyday life. Prevention of Procrastination I have found several ways to avoid procrastination from, “setting reasonable goals, asking for help when I don’t understand what I’m doing, rewarding oneself and not to expect perfection” (Carter, Bishop, Kravits, 2002). I also found using the 10-minute rule to get started with the assignment will help me to get started with the task I’m having problems with (Marano, 2006). Finally, “if you take steps toward overcoming procrastination the avoidance habit sequence that is virtually automatic when you face an aversive task like starting a journal, or dictating them in a tape recorder, you will see that the discomforts they are dodging-uncertainty, fear of performing badly are mental fabrications, pure fictions” (Marano, 2006) The different process I chose in evaluation of the information is where I chose to retrieve my data, The University of Phoenix Library and the credibility of the articles I found. In doing my research I chose to use the Boolean process in searching for data and putting in key words on said subject to obtain

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