The Communists Won the Civil War Mainly Because of the Weaknesses of Their Opponents: Assess This View.

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The Communists won the Civil War mainly because of the weaknesses of their opponents: assess this view. I agree to an extent that the communists won the Civil war mainly because of the weaknesses of their opponents; there are however, other factors that contribute to the victory of the Communists in the Civil War such as, foreign intervention, war communism, red leadership and red military success. White weaknesses were a big reason for the Communist’s victory in the Civil War. For starters, the Whites were spread out over large geographical areas. In addition, White generals launched offensives at different times, failing to co-ordinate attacks, allowing Red forces to move around and defeat them one by one. For example, General Deniken’s forces were concentrated in the south-east of Russia. He failed to co-ordinate his attacks with Kolchak effectively, and his forces were defeated. They also lacked a unified command structure and strategy. The Whites failed to work effectively with the Greens, led by Nestor Makhno. The Green controlled a peasant’s army, and wanted to give more political and economic power to the peasants. The Red defeated Maknho’s forces in 1919. The Whites also lacked support from many Russians, who identified the Whites with former Tsarist supporters or foreign invaders. This all shows that White weaknesses were key for a Communist victory. Foreign intervention was also important for a Communist win. Foreign leaders realised the Whites would not win the Civil War. This weakened the Whites even further. Admiral Kolchak originally had the support of 30,000 foreign troops. However, by July 1919 the Red Army had defeated Kolchak’s forces. Foreign forces also stopped supporting the Whites after the armistice had been signed with Germany to end the First World War. By the end of 1919 foreign forces from Britain, France and the USA had left Russia.
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