The Common Nerd Essay

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Woe to the nerd, an archetype created by mankind to socially reject people, pinned down with characteristics that may derive from only one aspect of your personality. There are two types of nerds, each with their own aspects that pin the nerd down as the common caricature. This picture, wrongfully painted by society, is portrayed as a person who is “physically weak and unattractive, poorly dressed, and ha[s] poor posture” (Smiler 625). Shall then, society pity the nerd? No, nerds don’t need society and this paper will show people exactly why nerds are just as fine as they are. The first type of nerd is in short “people who remind others… of machines” (Nugent 6). In other words, they are like machines because these nerds dedicate themselves to something that lacks “physical or emotional confrontation” (Nugent 6). They may like subjects like mathematics or science because they like the contents in the logical structure of the subject (Nugent 16). People consider them as social outcasts due to their preference of activities that are unfulfilling to outsiders, over something that is considered fun or social. The main characteristic that differs the most from the second type of nerd is the fact that the first type nerd chooses to be a social outcast. I have been a victim of first type nerd denial. One time I was behind in my calculus course and there was this important chapter test coming out that I absolutely needed to study for. This test, along with assignments from the other classes, bombarded me and devoured any free time I had for the weekend. This overwhelming feeling was magnified when my friends invited me to come play airsoft (a game similar to paintball) on that Saturday. Because of this event (along with several other ones) I was labeled as a nerd, because I preferred to study and get good grades rather than enjoy socializing with my friends. Due to the

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