The Common Bond? Australian Citizenship Alison Hol Essay

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Australia's history themes & debates The common bond? Australian citizenship Alison holland Alison Holland's chapter 'The common bond?,' is centered on how Australian citizenship should be distincted and the issues that has occured within the citizen status.. The issues included identity, belonging, muticultralism and rights faced within a mixed society. The council that the federal goverment established, was arranged in order to act in response to the issues. As core civic values were the main focus to faciliate society to understand the meaning of citizenship. As the council established debates over indigenous rights and identity, ethnicity and multiculturalism to change the complexion of australian society. Galligan and Chesterman stated that citizenship is mostly about sovereignity of the state where citizenship is about constitution and thus citizens were however not claiming rights. Issues such as identity was a challenge for the society as the multiculturals has there own sole identity, and therefore found it complicated to identify the Australian identity. In notion to be a true australian citizen, the new citizens where formed to leave their culture behind. Regarding to idenitity the Aboriginese were not being identified. This was however known as unequal treatment for the miniority. As this was assented as the British subjects, there are unacknowledged as a citizen not after 1948. Additional, their Indigenous rights were restricted and apparently meant to be protected under a special law which were being manipulated due to lacking in education and considered as naive and backwards.The white feminists had contested for their rights, to gain an equal citizenship in political, economic and civil law to mens, as most womens had suffered from being abused and deserted by mens. They believed gaining womens rights would benefit them, in notion to

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