The Commercialisation of the Internet Essay

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The Internet is getting more and more commercialized. People are looking for benefits almost everywhere possible. Although placing advertisements on websites may seem to be beneficial, Internet users are becoming overwhelmed by ads. The main advantage of Internet commercials is obviously the gain of companies. They are able to not only promote their products but also canvass new buyers. This leads to earning more money as well as establishing the company brand. Because of the popularity of the Internet, the profits are larger than from other forms of advertising. For some people, another advantage of commercials is the possibility of learning new information. As the products promoted on the Internet are often adjusted to the topic of the websites, the ads are considered to be useful. Thanks to them, people find out about products they wouldn’t be able to otherwise. On the other hand, some advertisements slow down our PCs. For example, many commercials contain short videos or sounds. That kind of files are usually big, so the computer needs to use a lot of bandwidth to load them. Additionally, if the website is filled with numerous ads, they use a lot of RAM. Another negative aspect of Internet advertisements is the fact that they turn on automatically. It is very disturbing when we are, for example, concentrated on reading. There are a lot of ads that pop-up in a new window or even follow our cursor, which makes it difficult to close them. In conclusion, it must be said that Internet advertising is useful for companies looking for new ways of promoting their products. Unfortunately, that kind of promotion is often at the expense of other people. Will it get even worse in the
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