The Coming Jobs Book Review

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The book “The Coming Jobs War” is written by CEO of Gallup Jim Clifton. His most recent innovation The Gallup World Poll, gives the 7 billion citizens a voice in virtually all key global issues. Clifton has also created The Gallup Path, a metric based economic model that established the linkages among human nature in the workplace, customer engagement and business outcomes. The book is structured very well. The first few chapters of the book are quite depressing. Clifton describes how the United States is losing its position, as the world’s economic leader, to China and other countries like Brazil and India. The biggest problem the world is facing is an inadequate supply of good jobs. Stranded in findings from the Gallup World Poll, Clifton shows how the current job creation trends could land China as the world leader by the year 2040. Unless the United States and other top economies step up and create new jobs at a furious pace, China and other economies will surpass it. Clifton argues that the solution to creating good jobs must be found in cities, not in federal government. Every leader in every institutions and organization must consider this in every decision he or she makes every day. Promoting entrepreneurship and job creation must be the sole mission and purpose of cities’ business leaders, government officials and philanthropists. According to Clifton job creation can only be accomplished in cities. Cities are considered to be power plants of human energy which creates jobs through innovation and through entrepreneurship. The next big breakthrough, and the one that will help keep the United States on top, will come from a combination of the forces within big cities, great universities, and powerful local leaders: Local leadership: The leadership at the local level is key to creating new jobs. Local tribal leaders are loyal, highly successful

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