The Columbus Controversy Essay

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Columbus Day is a day that is celebrated by many around America, even though it’s a holiday that is surrounded by a lot of controversy. Many people celebrate this day as the beginning of a new culture and a new world but they sometimes forget to celebrate or recognize the man who discovered this new world. There is a lot of controversy on whether to praise or not to praise Columbus on the discovery. Some people believe that he doesn’t deserve to be praised because he committed heinous crimes against the Native Americans. According to Michael S. Berliner “Columbus is routinely vilified as a symbol of slavery and genocide, and the celebration of his arrival likened to a celebration of Hitler and the holocaust”.1 Michael S. Berliner also states that the politically correct view, is that Columbus did not discover America, there were people living here already for thousand of years.2 Columbus original motives were to go to the Indies with the intentions of acquiring wealth, spreading Christianity and expansion of Europe. John Noble Wilford wrote “he proposed to sail west across the uncharted ocean to the fabled shores of the Indies, the lands of gold and spices celebrated in the tales of Marco Polo and the goal of an increasingly expansionist Europe in the 15th century”.3 He was determined to get to the Indies that he pushed his crew to the extreme, “ I told them however much they complained I had to go to the Indies and they along with me” stated Columbus,4 this shows that he was a true leader and quite determined. And during this first voyage in 1492, he landed in the new world and the outcome for this discovery was introduction to civilization. This is a reason why Americans should celebrate Columbus Day as a national holiday because thanks to the discovery, America was introduced to the world of civilization. According to the article by Michael S. Berliner he

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