The Colour Purple

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The significance of Africa in The Colour Purple. Nettie’s experiences in Africa broaden the novel’s scope, introducing issues of imperialism and the African descendant’s struggles. ‘I read where the Africans sold us because they loved money more than their own sisters and brothers. How we came to America in ships. How we were made to work.’ This quote shows Nettie understands of what society was truly like at the time. It also contrasts with the idea that whites were the ‘enemy’ and this makes Nettie less ignorant and more aware. Africa is also used a symbol of hope for not only Nettie but also Celie. ‘Oh, Celie, there are colored people in the world who want us to know! Want us to grow and see the light!’ this quote subverts the experiences that Nettie and Celie have had with colored people i.e. Mr and their father who didn’t want them to succeed and stopped them from achieving. Also Africa is used as a source of pride for both Nettie and Celie. ’All the Ethiopians in the bible were colored. It had never occurred to me.’ By Nettie having this information revealed to her shows how happy she is that her colour is associated with something positive. We can also infer from the second part of the quote infers that Nettie was taught otherwise about the colour of the people in the bible. It shows how disregarded black people were in society. ‘And that we and the Africans will be working for a common goal: the uplift of black everywhere. This quote not only highlights the development in Nettie’s voice as we see a more standard form of English but also connotes with the idea that Nettie wants to inspire Celie to be more confident and not let her circumstances determine her. Also Africa is used as a source of privacy for Nettie as Celie is unaware of where Africa is. “Hotter than August and July. Hot like cooking dinner on a big stove in a little kitchen in
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