The Color Purple Essay

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Licenciatura en Literatura y Lengua Inglesa Seminario de Especialidad I Power and independence: the result of Celie’s experiences. The Color Purple is a novel written by Alice Walker, an American author and activist who won the National Book Award and the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. This novel was her best-known work, which follows a young troubled black woman fighting not only against racist white culture but also patriarchal black culture. This novel can be taken from different points depending on the view and the center that the reader wants to be focused on; for instance, feminisms, sexism, slavery among black people, rapes, racism and women acquiring power some of the topics that we can find in this novel; however, there is one particular situation that is developed through the whole novel - in a explicit and implicit way - that show us how the main character of the novel, Celie, starts to gain power in her personality. I would like to base this paper on Celie’s character and how the support and experience, taking from some women characters, make her feel more confident about her rights and skills, not only as woman and mother, but also as a human being. Celie is a young girl who is constantly being abused by her step-father, Alphonso. Throughout the story Celie is making herself a silent and invisible woman, who writes to God in order to express herself; later on, she gets married with Mr. _____, who also abuses her. At the beginning of the story, the author shows the relationship that Celie has with her sister Nettie. This relation is as stronger as a chain, an unbreakable feeling that they share and the dependence of each other, actually, Celie thinks that the only person who really loves her is her sister and nobody else. Nettie is Celie’s younger sister, whom Mr. ______ initially wanted to get married; however, after Celie gets married

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