The Collector Chapter 5 Essay

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The room was finished; everything set up properly I’d moved things around. This whole experience would be different to Miranda. I’d worked out her shift times; she worked Monday, Tuesday and Friday from two till eight. This was good. With winter coming it was getting dark very early. She didn’t drive and there wasn’t a bus route up to her cottage so it would be easy. I’d gone into Lewes earlier and got her some clothes; I didn’t want her in Miranda’s I’d decided. They weren’t as expensive. She wasn’t as special. I didn’t love her. I’d done a good job, bought her everything she needed, even some luxuries, some nice frocks and cardigans. Not as nice as Miranda’s of course. But they’d compliment her blue eyes, she had nice blue eyes. I’d been buying a lot of sweets recently. Friday I’d decided to do it, she wouldn’t have work till Monday so she wouldn’t be searched for hopefully until the Tuesday when she missed a second day of work. She was very punctual. I liked that. She was never late, nor did she ever miss a day. Well in the four months I’d been watching her she hadn’t. She lived by herself which was good, she wouldn’t be missed immediately which provided me with times to get her moved in properly before the police started knocking on doors, this was closer to home. Friday came and I waited for her to leave the Woolworth’s, she was always out by 8.07, only today it took a bit longer, she wasn’t out till 8.25 and I could see why, she had changed into something very short and skimpy. Definitely not like Miranda. This made me angry. She was with a group of girls and they started walking to opposite way from her cottage but into the centre of the town. I waited for them to walk a bit so then I started driving quite slowly on their tail. After about 10 minutes they reached a pub in the town. And went in. I parked in the car park in the back and

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