The Collecter Review

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The Collector Review A. Brief Synopsis The novel opens in the thoughts of Fredrick Clegg as he watches a young art student in which he has been obsessing over for several years. Clegg works as a clerk in the town hall of London, England. However when not on the job he has two hobbies; collecting butterflies, and stalking the young art student, Miranda Grey. In his mind he plays threw countless scenarios where they are together. Having elaborate fantasies each having their own unique plot to them. They range from simply the two lying in bed together, into Fredrick himself saving her from some sort of dangerous situation. He convinces himself that she is the perfect women for him, and if she was to only enjoy his company for a time then she to would realize this and his fantasies would be made a reality. With a stroke of pure luck he wins the British football pool. (the U.K.'s version of the lottery) Once he is entrusted with so much currency he realizes that he is now capable of doing whatever is necessary to win the love of Miranda. Fredrick plans out every detail of the night and acquires all the tools necessary for the task at hand. He had already purchased a large secluded mansion, and carefully prepared a room for his soon to be permanent guest. He follows Miranda on a late foggy Timmons2 afternoon as she visits places around London. After leaving a cinema she makes the fateful decision of turning down a empty foggy street. Fredrick seizing the opportunity. Cuts his van across the street and leaps out of the back doors with weapon in hand. His choice of armament is a chloroform soaked rag. Fredrick needs only to force Miranda to breath in to small breaths of the mixture before she falls into unconsciousness. After Miranda is subdued Fredrick proceeds to bound her limbs and gag her mouth, before making the journey to his secluded mansion. After

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