The Cold War Era & Threats To The American Family Essay

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The Cold War Era & Threats to the American Family Karen D. Stephens Kaplan University SS310: Exploring the 1960s: An interdisciplinary Approach Professor Patricia Robinson The term “Cold War” was coined by a financial advisor to Truman, Bernard Baruch, who first used this term in a speech he gave in April 1947. A timeline of the Cold War, I think, would have to encompass the years 1945-1991. Everything from the dropping of the ‘A’-Bomb on Hiroshima, Japan (1945), to the Soviets initialized their takeover of Eastern Europe and establishing the Eastern Bloc (1946), the lifting of the Berlin Blockade (May 1949), the Korean War (1950-1953), establishment of the Warsaw Pact (1955), the United States’ involvement in the Vietnam War (1956-1975) (Vietnam timeline - U.S. Military involvement information retrieved 10/2/2011 from, the Cuban Missile Crisis (1962), Soviet Union invasion of Afghanistan (1979), through the tearing down of the Berlin Wall (1989), and the disbandment of the Warsaw Pact (1991). There has been a long-standing disagreement as to the origin of the Cold War. Since the Eastern Bloc was established by the Soviet Union in the latter stages of World War II, the remaining Allies (the United States, Great Britain, France), particularly Great Britain (Churchill), was highly concerned for the economic and political stability of the world given close proximity and size of the Soviet forces deployed in those occupied countries. Due to these uneasy feelings (Churchill did not trust either the Soviet Union or Stalin, in particular), something called “Operation Unthinkable” (a plan to push the United States’ and Great Britain’s will on the Soviet Union) was developed by the British War Cabinet’s Joint Planning Staff Committee; Operation Unthinkable was never implemented as

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