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The Cold War The Cold war was also known as a war where no shots were fired. It was known as more of a tense period after World War II where the United States and the Soviet Union were recognized as the two superpowers after the fall of Germany. However, during WW II the two countries were friendly with each other only out of convenience due to a common enemy, the Nazis. During and after the war, there was a certain level of distrust between the two superpowers because of events that occurred during WW II and political verbal shots between the two. After the WW II, it came down to one country with the largest army, the Soviets, and the one with the most powerful weapons, the Americans and the A-bomb ("What was the," 2014). For this project, I interviewed three friends of mine about the Cold War to see if they remember what it was and what happened. The first person I interviewed was a very good friend, Rodolfo (Rudy) Guzman. Unfortunately, Rudy was born in Mexico and is only 24 years old. He came to the United States around 8 years old and was not very familiar with the Cold War. He vaguely remembered what he learned in school about the war growing up and could not really answer the questions I asked him during the interview. He remembered learning about WW II and the Vietnam War but could not fully recall much about the Cold War. The next friend I interviewed was Ramon Zuniga Jr. Upon asking him about the Cold War, he remembered that it was an unconventional war where there were no shots fired and it involved the Russians not trusting the Americans. He also remembered about the Berlin wall being built and then torn down and believed that was when the war ended. After that, Ramon could not tell me anything else about the Cold War. The third person I interviewed was my younger sister, Jennyfer. When I asked her if she knew or remembered what the Cold War was, she

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