The Cold Hard Truth Essay

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Life has its many ups and downs. People believe most of what they see but the majority of what is being told to them isn't the truth. It is more of a cover story so people believe that what is being told to them is the truth. Truth has its many forms and people only believe what is presented in front of them and not what is deeper inside. In the writings of George Orwell, Plato, Ernest Hemingway, Mary Shelley, Kate Chopin, and Kurt Vonnegut truth is masked by lies and faces obstacles that creates a bigger problem for the person discovering it. How would it feel to live in a world where someone was watching everything that was being done? In George Orwell's 1949 novel, 1984, cameras continuously watch the people of Oceania. No matter what is being done in Oceania, there is never a time where the cameras are off. Big Brother is always watching you. The government has complete control over its people through cameras, laws, and ministries. Although, most of the residents of Oceania do not know when they are being watched, nothing shows them it is being done. The hierarchy of Oceania has control of its people so they do not discover the truth that is being hidden by the government. Big Brother is trying to make his people the way that he feels would continue his truth from getting out. As it is stated in the novel to Winston, “Don't worry . . . you are in my keeping . . . I shall save you, I shall make you perfect” (Orwell 201). Big Brother does not want his truth to escape so he keeps his people as controlled and defined as he can. Without the control that he has, there would be ways around finding the truth even with the control. Although, some would find ways around discovering the truth. Winston was the ideal example for this. Winston broke every law he could to discover the truth but in the end he was happy and he “loved [the control]” (Orwell 245). The people in

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