The Coeducational And Segregated Schooling

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The coeducation and the segregation by sex of the student in any educational place, either high school or university, is one of the most controversial topics in the Middle East and now in the United States. The coeducation is the integrated education of males and females in the same institution. There are some associations over the world did some statistics and researches about this topic. This is topic is important because the coeducational school might affect the educational level of the student. I realized some of the results of the coeducational schooling since I was in the middle school so, I like to do some researches and find more information about it. I read some articles and statistics about it but I would like to know more and realize how this issue affects our educational life. I found many resources about this topic and there are many articles explain the affects of the coeducational schooling. There are some positive effects for the coeducation, however, there are some negative affect that could impede the educational life and decrease the educational level. So that, I asked these questions to find the best answers to help me solve this issue and overcome it. The first question is; should we have segregated schools? And if we have a segregated school, are we going to have better education? Also, what are the common pros and cons for the coeducational school? I have been studied in a coeducational school when I was in the elementary and middle school. This was enough periods to form my personality. I think the middle school age is a phase transition for the children. So, this age will influence on the children’s personality. However, Many people did not realize the importance of this schooling system whether same sex or segregated school, and how can this schooling system affect the educational level. “Earlier studies by Willms and Raudenbush
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