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The Code Of Ethics Essay

  • Submitted by: raminshah
  • on December 6, 2011
  • Category: Social Issues
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A code of ethics can be viewed as a moral rule that helps one decide how to act in critical moment. Ethics are particularly important because of the power assigned to those who control the justice system. Members of criminal justice system make severely critical decisions every day, and their choices have deep effect on our lives.
The first contact an offender has with the criminal justice system is usually with the police who investigates a suspect of doing something wrong and makes an arrest. The law enforcement officers have the power to take away people's liberty. In order to do that, they as well have the right to use physical and deadly forces. Ethics are always important for law enforcement officers because they are primarily concerned with keeping the peace and enforcing criminal low based on their mission and jurisdiction.
Ethics are also important in our courts. As an officer of the court, also along side with the judge, prosecutors, and other trial participants have to seek to discover the basic facts of the criminal act.   It is important for prosecutors to be fair and not use any scare tactics or intimidation, and must represent the public's concern. Ethics are important in our courts because every person who is innocent or guilty should be treated fairly in their trial.
Ethics play a really important part in everyday work of correctional workers and administrators. Correctional officers have a great power over offenders. At the same time, they are under a legal and professional pressure not to use unnecessary force or taking advantage of inmate powerlessness. Using a proper ethic is very important since punishments may serve a variety of purposes and that will help to reduce the amount of sexual violence and, staff-on-inmate sexual misconduct and staff sexual harassment of inmates in our correctional facilities.

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