The Code of Assura

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Laws are everywhere. From the beginning of time people have lived by a set of laws to maintain order. It can be concluded that the Code of Assura is reliable because it is a set of rules Assyrians must abide by or else they would be punished, like in todays world. Of course the content of the law code is quite different than today but it gives a good insight to how women and men were treated differently. Throughout the law code it is stated multiple times that a woman of a man is held to different standards than a man or single woman. It can be inferred that the author of the law code is male, probably the authorities assistance or king's men, because a male would do things for their favor. This can be stated because of the constant punishment of women and not so harsh punishment for men. For example, a man is able to lay his hands on his wife and she shall do nothing in return (Code of the Assura 1.58). Many codes are repeated in different ways. If a woman of a man leaves her dwelling to be with another man then they will both be put to death but if a man has relations with a woman of a man then there is no penalty for that man, only with wife of a man will be punished at her man's wish (Code of the Assura 1.13 and 1.16). It can be seen that the house of a man and his wife is a precious place and any type of dishonor the woman claims results in her punishment. In this list of laws it is not stated that a woman may own her house. A woman can only gain property if it is given to her after her husband passes. If not, she must live with her sons or have nothing at
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