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The Club; a review The Club is a play written by the famed Australian playwright David Williamson it is about the politics and the puppeteers behind a club of Australia’s most popular sport, AFL the Club was performed to critical acclaim and recently the Nixon theatre company performed at riverside theatre the director is none other than acclaimed minimalist director Joe Kennedy. The stellar cast included Rolf Frankenstein, Heinreich Wolfenstein, Bob Mactavish, Vito Scalletta and Boris Johnson XVI Before the depicted scenes of the play, the club pay a high price for Tasmanian recruit, Geoff Hayward (Frankenstein). Geoff does not play well initially, infuriating the dedicated coach, Laurie Holden (Wolfenstein). With the club playing so badly,…show more content…
It is later revealed that Jock used to be Laurie's coach when Laurie played for The Club. Jock was jealous because Laurie nearly surpassed his club record of 282 games as coach. Jock also lost a Grand Final by making poor decisions under the influence of alcohol. Laurie then told the members that Jock was drunk. After Jock was dismissed as coach, Laurie later assumed his position as the new coach and a bitter Jock tried to sabotage the club to the best of his ability to get back at Laurie. To differentiate his play from the critically acclaimed ones before him Kennedy decided to push his minimalist ideals to the max. The set consisted of a single post about 2m tall towards the centre back of the stage to simulate a door way among other things such as a coat hook. The only other prop used was a beautiful handmade Italian oak dining table placed in the centre of the stage, all the action unfolded around this table. That was it the actors only wore drama blacks and the background was unfurnished, it was a risky move on Kennedy’s part but ultimately paid off as the set really was a manifestation of what the play is about, no fancy lighting of costumes just characters real relatable interacting characters which I feel is what really makes a play of film or TV show, for example look at the award winning Game of Thrones series it real reason for the appeal and hype isn’t the action, the gore, the nudity, it’s the characters and their relations. That is why I am giving the Nixon theatre companies’ production of David Williamson’s The Club 9 out of ten pictures on the

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