The Cloud Essay

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The cloud it’s a technology that has changed how we store data. No longer does the technology user need to lug around multiple usb drives or bulky terabyte hard drives with the cloud you can now save music, contacts, pictures and documents to a hidden secure server in the sky. And device that has its own link to the internet can send this data to their cloud where it is saved. So if anything should happen to your devices or laptop your data is safe and you don’t lose it. There is a good advantage to the cloud and that’s that you can pull your data down from the cloud on any other device like a school computer of even at someone else’s computer. Other than that you don’t need to buy a larger hard drive or worry about what might happen to your data although it’s still a good idea to back it up to multiple devices to insure you’re not going to lose it. A down side is your device must have a connection to the internet in order to save to the cloud. The cloud is a secure serve where all your data can be stored by a third party. And this technology makes saving and securing your data easy it gives you more flexibility you can even grant others permission to look and use the cloud and the data stored on it. Some new questions have arisen in the wake of the cloud though such as who owns the data the person using the cloud to store their data or the third party where your data is physically stored. Though these are just opinions for

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