The Cleveland Grays Essay

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Cleveland Grays The Cleveland Grays have a longstanding history of pride and loyalty to their town. Their patriotism created strong feelings of nationalism. They were important part of the makeup of Cleveland in its early years. There were two original reasons for the formation of the Cleveland Grays. As the city grew in population and developed commercial activity, the crime rate increased. As a result, a volunteer constabulary, City Watch was formed to deal with law violators. After this, the City Watch was supplemented by an independent volunteer militia company. They were called if needed to reinforce the local police. During the summer of 1837, Canada needed help from the military company to defense against a foreign enemy, The British broke were threatening in the fall of 1837. The military company went from the Niagara region all the way west to Detroit to help Canada defined against the British from crossing the border. American continued to dislike the British and did not have a problem giving aide to Canada. On the American side, the media called for action as well. “To remedy this situation, to be prepared should the fighting spread over the border, the paper called for the establishment of an independent volunteer militia company” (pg: 6). The community had to band together, to help bring about its organization, Timothy J. Ingraham lead the movement to establish an independent company. After several unsanctioned or illegal meetings, Ingraham gave public notice an organizational meeting gathering. The City Guards were established as a result on August 28, 1837. On Thursday, November 29, the Grays held their first parade and the Herald shout out that, “They (the Grays) have shown that some things can be done as well as others in West-that Cleveland, as well as Buffalo and Detroit can with justice boast of an independent crops” (pg: 11).

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