The Clean State , Healthy Citizen Essay

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Hadith of Rasulullah s.a.w. means, it is clear to all of us. It directly emphasizes the importance of hygiene in the life of a Muslim to place it as part of his faith. (Narrated by Ahmad, Muslim, al-Tirmidhi and Ibn Majah) Cuts above hadith clearly shows that Islam highly emphasizes cleanliness. In fact, all the world's religions are also high emphasis on the cleanliness of the religious life. This clearly shows that hygiene is very important in everyday life because cleanliness is a catalyst for human health. Premised on the matter, and concrete compound measures taken by the State Government to ensure that all people in this blessed land a clean healthy environment as well. Net State Healthy People. Its way around the temple says "State Clean, Healthy People" multiple perspectives or throw an idea we can give. The sincere desire of the state under the crimson other government people leadership caliber, Dato 'Seri Ahmad bin Said has made the state a "State of the Parks' should be given praise and support. The sincere desire of the government is an investment that will eventually return to society itself. Before we talk at length and dismantling pearls express or implied regarding the sacred vehicle of the state government, a question like that all the tangles thrown will disintegrate, everything would go disordered. The question is, do we really understand and appreciate the slogan "Clean State Healthy People 'that? A question we should look back and think out of the far-reaching area to ensure that the government's noble vision and mission is to be a reality. Net domestic healthy people Rajasthan prosperous a blessing A nawaitu a wish One purpose of the goals The first thing to be the dominant factor in realizing the noble intention of the government is to mobilize community consciousness towards clean state. Large role in the success of society

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