The Clay Marble Quotes

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The Clay Marble Quotes Chapter 1 “We would have been better off if we stayed home,” I mumbled. (Dara) pg 5 “Stayed home? For what?” she asked(Sarun) “There is nothing there. No food, no seeds, no animals.” Pg 5. …the Khmer Rouge soldiers had even set fire to our houses and rice barns, so that the invading Vietnamese soldiers wouldn’t be able to claim them. Pg 5 Over and over again we had been told by the Khmer Rouge soldiers that Cambodia was one big family, and that the Communist Party was our parent. And yet, in trying to create a new “family,” the Communists destroyed my own family, ripping apart parent from child, brother from sister, husband from wife. It made no sense to me, since I could not understand how these shrill young soldiers could be my parents, but I did not dare ask. Three years passed like one long nightmare, the kind where you are gripped by such a cold dread that you are unable to wake up from it. Pg 6. Sarun escapes work crew…gathers mother and Dara …flees toward border refuge camp he hopes is “real.” Pg 6 Mother digs up buried statue of buddah she had hidden from Khmer Rouge. (killed for religious belief) Chapter 2 And it suddenly struck me: everyone was part of some family ---not the cold-blooded Khmer Rouge version, the state as family, but a livening, laughing, loving family. Pg. 10 I looked around in wonder. Even though many people seemed to be only fragments of a family --- a frail grandmother with several young toddlers, or a group of young boys clustered around a few old men ---they were a family just the same. Like a patchwork blanket, I thought, the people here were survivors of families who had been ripped apart and then joined again. Pg. 11 “It’s like coming home,” Mother said, with quiet wonder. Pg. 11 Comes to camp…meets Nea’s family …sees people as fragmented but joined as families. dinner shared with them by
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