The Clan of the Cave Bear Essay

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Within the first couple of scenes within this movie, a modern day contemporary viewer might expect to witness a typical 80s movie with the generic green screen and superficial special effects. However, Hollywood turned this movie into its stereotypical portrayal of a strong heroine, prevailing through hardships that Neanderthals had faced in the past. Ayla, played by Daryl Hannah is one of the first characters introduced in this movie. She embarks on a journey where she comes from another “clan,” and faces challenges including being accepted by the clan’s members and elders. She was born with blue eyes and blonde hair, and to an all brunette clan, they find her as an intruder and reluctantly take her in as a part of the clan. A sense of clan-behavior is developed when you witness how male dominance is perceived. Ayla struggles most times to go over this barrier, due to her strong sense of self and physical and combatable superiority among the other men. The way things had usually gone in clans such as Ayla’s were women would always be inferior to men and would obey them in all terms even ones that got them violated and hurt. Ayla ends up being impregnated, however, this still does not stop her from challenging the clan and continuously showing her capabilities of when it comes to math and sports. In the end, Ayla ends up showing the clan extreme respect for elders and overpowers the ludicrous actions of the clan’s newly-elected leader. Hollywood ends this film with the generic, “walking off into the sunset” scene when Darryl Hannah walks away from her son, whom belongs to the clan, and the audience is left in hope and excitement for Ayla’s future accomplishments in furthering the growth of her kind; mentally, physically, and emotionally. This movie represents the Homo genus within the Hominin tribe. Homo Neanderthalensis is the specific subspecies that is

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