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Fierce Competition in the Civil Service Exam Note: The Civil Service Exam refers to Gongwuyuankaoshi, a exam which is adopted in modern China to select civil servants. Introduction to the exam and the fierce competition In December of 2009, over a million highly-educated people, including graduate students from the most distinguished universities, entered themselves in the 2010 Civil Service Exam in China, competing for only about 15000 posts in the government. It is said that five posts in General Office of the Central Committee attracted an amazing number of 3881 candidates. Test centers were set in 44 cities all over the country that was divided into 33 regions of the test. In Shanghai alone, the local government set 65 test centers for over 40 thousand candidates. And according to one graduate from a distinguished university, over half the students in her class had signed up for the exam. In 2007, over half a million people entered in the exam and only 1.5% of them were admitted into the civil service and the number of the candidates has been increasing so fast in recent years., which has been a unique social phenomenon of China. In China, civil servants, or government employers are usually selected through exams including a test for administrative abilities. These exams are intended as a method to achieve an effective and rational public administration on a merit system. Those who do well in this kind of exams will probably be employed. In order to get a post in the Civil Service, people who spare no effort to prepare for exam rushed to the test centers for the written test and the competition is just too fierce, with the recruiting ratio being about one chosen for every 69 candidates. Reporters interviewed some of the candidates waiting eagerly outside the exam hall. “I have prepared for the exam. It's up to my luck whether I can pass.” “I'm a little

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