The Circuit Essay

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Francisco Jimenez, Mama, Papa, Trampita and Roberto where the characters from the circuit. They were coming from a ranchito that it was in Mexico called “El Rancho Blanco” they make the decision to go to California thinking that in it would be better there. So they finally get to California and Mama and Papa find a little place to live and they stared to work hard at the fields picking strawberries and cotton. Panchito probably was thinking that California was going to be the best but he beginnings to see it was not like he think. Panchito also enrolls at the school there in California and the problem that he comes across with is that he doesn’t speak English and he has a lot of trouble understanding so he stays afterschool every day. Panchito also has another brother that was older than him an was called Roberto he was responsible person he always was dedicated and he never has a bad attitude and he also showed respect to his father and mother. Later on Roberto went to work with his parents at the fields picking cotton. Then Mama has a new baby called Torito and he was called Jose Manuel, he would get sick very often and he also went to the hospital very sick. Panchito has problems because he enter school late in November and most of the time when he go to another school he got late. Papa has an old car they call it “La Carcachita” he bought it at the beginning when they across “La Frontera” Papa most of the time complaining about the situation and about the hard work that he has to do. Later on they moved from where they are to another

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