The Chubb Group

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The Chubb Group – Controlling as a Management Function Now that you have been introduced to Chubb as a premier insurance carrier, let us examine their global viability and leadership and management style which influence the company’s overall culture. Given what you know about Chubb, what type of management style do you think the leadership team advocates: Clan Control, Market Control or Bureaucratic Control? If you were the CEO of the 11th largest property and casualty insurance carrier, how would you manage your global organization that spans twenty-eight countries? What role does leadership and management play in developing a healthy organization? What is the difference between leadership and management? Leadership teams provide the overall direction for a company or organization, and the management team is responsible for the execution of the corporate vision, direction and mission by the operations staff members. Being that Chubb is an evolving global insurance carrier, their management approach is now multi-tiered; whereas, pre 2007, the company maintained a single focus – bureaucratic control. Chubb has always been considered a leader regarding their claim service and product offerings; however, their style of leadership left much to be desired per several members of their staff. Chubb always prided itself on being a leader; and with this aggressive approach comes a narrowly focused, narrowly placed management team that many characterized as “top heavy.” Within their continental claim service centers, the organizational structure was as follows: Branch Manager, Branch Claim Manager, Department Managers, Regional Managers, Supervisors and Claim Examiners. So, within a single line of management, there were five layers of management between the front line examiner and the Branch Manager. This same structure continued through to the home office,

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