The Chrysalids Essay: Change Is Essential for Survival

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When comparing our present society and our society fifty, one hundred and even two hundred years ago, there remains one reoccurring theme; Change is an essential part of human history because it demonstrates how humans have constantly adapted and continue to adapt to new conditions and ideas. Humans have had to re-evaluate the way they do things countless times throughout history in order to gain knowledge and get to the society we live in today. The government, war, religion, and technology are all factors that have allowed humans to diverse and change our society. The society that the Chrysalids live in is one that has previously changed to accommodate religious views as a major influence on government and the law. With the people of Waknuk continuously eliminating all those who have a deviation, David, a deviant, runs the risk of being exposed and imprisoned, along with the other telepaths. In order for the Chrysalids to survive, it is essential that the people of Waknuk evolve to learn from their past mistakes, recognize the mistakes they are making, and work to change their ways for future generations. With all of the change that has come from human history, there have been great faults and regrets that have shaped the way society is now. By learning from past mistakes, humans, especially political leaders, have been cautious about what actions they take so that history does not repeat itself. “Have you ever wondered why there is so much history in the Bible?” A wise pastor once said, “ I believe that it’s there for us to learn from the way people lived in those days, and from their relationship with God. We should learn both the things to avoid and the things to pursue.” The pastor’s sermon shares the significance of being able to use history to learn about the past mistakes humans have made and to make improvements to our present for a better future. The

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