The Chrysalids Essay

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In the novel The Chrysalids, written by John Wyndham, there are two characters; Sophie Wender and Rosalind Morton. These two characters have many qualities that make them crucial to the novel’s progression and plot line. These two women hold similarities while being two very different people, such as their physical attributes and personality traits. Sophie Wender has many different qualities and characteristics both mentally and physically. Her physical traits have caused a significant impact to the book. In particular her sixth toe. This is because it was considered a deviation or a mutation, which is prohibited in the harshly religious community of Waknuk. When the toe was discovered she was banished to the fringes. Some of her other physical attributes include curly brown hair and fair skin. Other than her physical appearances Sophie has many personality traits portrayed throughout the novel. Some of these traits include her being brave, stubborn and determined. Sophie is brave for various reasons. For example, when she is playing with David Strorm early in the novel her foot gets stuck in the rocks and gets hurt, but she does not cry much, although being very young at the time. "She was very brave. Nothing more than the 2 puppy noises."- David Storm (pg. 9). Another example is when the fringe people are pursuing them she fearlessly leaves the group by herself to scout even at risk of being captured and killed. Her courage is displayed repeatedly throughout the novel, but also her determination is very present. Her surviving the challenges of life in the Fringes alone shows immense perseverance. Also, when David arrived in the Fringes Sophie was determined to aid him in his journey and his tasks. Determination is a very strong personality trait of Sophie, along with that she is very strong-willed, or stubborn to be blunt. She shows this trait many

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