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CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE (to be completed by the Insurer or its authorized representative) Name of Insured Address of Insured Name of Insurance Company Operations of the named insured for which this Certificate is issued Telephone No. Postal Code COMMERCIAL GENERAL LIABILITY (minimum limit to be evidenced - $2,000,000.00 per occurrence) Policy No. / Insuring Co. Effective Date (dd/mm/yy) Expiry Date (dd/mm/yy) Coverage (per occurrence) PROVISIONS OF AMENDMENTS OR ENDORSEMENTS OF LISTED POLICY(IES) Commercial General Liability is extended to include Personal Injury Liability, Contractual Liability, Contingent Employers Liability, Owner’s and Contractor’s Protective Coverage and Non-owned Automobile Liability. The City of Toronto is an Additional Insured but only with respect to liability arising out of the operations of the Insured for which a permit, license or agreement has been issued by the City of Toronto. The Commercial General Liability policy(ies) identified above shall protect each insured in the same manner and to the same extent as though a separate policy has been issued to each but nothing shall operate to increase the limits of liability as identified above beyond the amount or amounts for which the Company would be liable if there had been only one Insured. If insurance is placed in primary and excess layers, file separate certificates for each. If a facsimile has been transmitted, the original certificate must follow. The Commercial General Liability policy(ies) identified above shall apply as the primary insurance and not excess to any other insurance available to any of the Additional Insured as set out in Paragraph 2. If the policy is cancelled or changed in any manner, for any reason, during the period of coverage as stated herein so as to affect this certificate, thirty (30) days prior written notice (fifteen (15) days

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