The Chronicles of Narnia Essay

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Based on the Chronicles of Narnia, the themes, good, evil and suffering will be demonstrated. The themes that will be detailed in the essay are good and evil representation, character responses to good and evil, how power is used and misused, character choices and reasons, who suffers and why, symbols and the moral of the story. For the purpose of this essay we will be investigating and demonstrating the themes, good, evil and suffering. Good and evil are represented in the movie in different ways. Good is represented in the movie by happy and bright music that gives a cheerful vibe. It is represented by colourful backdrops and lighting. In the movie, good is represented when the Beaver gives the handkerchief from Mr. Tumnus back to Lucy. It is good because it is a symbol of trust and friendship and a symbol that means ‘I come in peace’. One of the ways good is represented in the real world is when people take part in community service. This is a great way to show a good deed because the less unfortunate are getting help and it unites a community. Evil is represented in the movie by sad and slow music. The backdrop is cold and icy and has a sense of eeriness attached. Evil is represented in the movie when the White Witch manipulates Edmund with Turkish delights and treats that he enjoys so that he will do what she wants. A way evil is represented in the real world is when someone intentionally goes out of their way to hurt someone or to make their life terrible. People who are good may still suffer and make difficult choices but generally their life will be happy. People who make mistakes and participate in evil doings can change their actions and rejoin the side of good. The characters in the movie respond to good and evil in a variety of ways which is often evident in the choices that they make. When Lucy has her first encounter with the fawn, she doesn’t
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