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The Chronicles of 1 By: .... Prologue Mark doesn’t like school. Never has. He has lived on a starship in the Epsilon Indi star system all of his life. The starship was built 100 years ago in 2418. It was run down; Mark is on the ship’s engineering crew. His mom has been working two jobs all of his life, and a few months ago when he turned eighteen, Mark started working. They needed the third income. Because of how far away the starship was stationed from the nearest colonized planet it took two months for supplies to reach them, making all items in stores very expensive. The school bell rang signaling the end of school for the day. Mark walked out of class and turned toward the ship’s monorail station to get a ride home. Because Mark was a student and because of his family’s financial standing he got a free pass to the monorail. He hopped on the train and sat down near the door to wait until it left. He checked his data pad for the time. Five minutes until departure. Two burly high school students came onto the monorail platform. They looked through the window and saw Mark. They ran onto the train and sat next to him. “You still owe us money punk.” “I paid you two a week ago.” “Yeah, we know. You still have to pay interest, you were a day late.” “Okay, how much do I owe you?” “Hmm, fifty credits.” “What? You know I can’t afford that!” “Well, then I guess we will have to take something valuable from you. Your jacket will do just fine.” The two guys moved toward him to take his jacket. Mark stood up and put his fists up for a fight. They swung at him but Mark moved out of the way with superhuman speed. How did I move so fast? One of them threw another fist at his face, but Mark caught it with his hand and twisted his wrist. The guy screamed in pain and dropped to the floor. The other guy stepped over his buddy and tried to plant a size 12 shoe in Mark’s face.

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