The Christmas Pickle Tradition Essay

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The Christmas Pickle Tradition The story of the Christmas pickle has many different myths and legends. I will be explaining in my story about the many different myths and facts about the Christmas pickle tradition. The tradition that I chose to write about was the Christmas pickle. This tradition is believed to have originated in Germany but in fact this tradition is unknown in Germany. It is believed that the Christmas pickle was created for marketing purposes in the 1980’s to correspond with the importance of the glass ornaments from Germany. The glass vegetable ornaments were imported from France in 1892. Another origin of were the Christmas pickle tradition came from is during the American Civil War in Camp Sumter were a private that was captured and taken to a prison camp begged for a pickle on Christmas Eve because he was starving. The private took the pickle that the guard gave him which saved his life and after the private returned to his family started hiding a pickle on his Christmas tree every year. The legend of the Christmas pickle is said to be a tradition that on Christmas Eve in Germany to hide a pickle Christmas ornament deep in the branches of the Christmas tree. This ornament was always hung last after all of the ornaments were placed on the tree. The first child to find the pickle will receive an extra present from St. Nicholas and the first adult that finds the pickle will receive good luck for the whole year. If anyone that knows the real German Christmas traditions know that the German St. Nick does not come on Christmas Eve but comes on December 5th or 6th and the children do not open their presents on Christmas morning they open them on Christmas Eve instead in Germany. The Christmas pickle is not really a real pickle but a glass Christmas ornament that is shaped like a pickle. The Christmas pickle is hidden on the Christmas tree on

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