The Christmas from Hell Essay

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The Christmas from Hell Author: Stacy L. Grice This was a Christmas that I will never forget for as long as I live. I never knew in a million years that when I went to go help a neighbor in need, something was going to happen to me. I went to my neighbor Lateesha’s apartment to help her clean up a mess and wait for the police. Someone that she was having a beef with threw a brick through her living room window. Now where I live there is daily drama that most of the time I don’t get involved with. Due to the fact that nothing good has ever come out of all the drama; here is my story: The night I was attacked with a brick. While waiting for the police to arrive, a neighbor’s son named Robert entered Lateesha’s apartment with a brick in his hand running his mouth. You could tell by looking at him that he was under the influence of illegal drugs. He was going on and on about stuff that you couldn’t even understand what he was saying. People were trying to get him out of the apartment but were unsuccessful. I was sitting on the arm of the couch and I said to him to just get on out of here we don’t want any trouble. He turned his attention towards me and yelled at me “Did I say you can speak?” He was really mean and got right in my face and all I could think was oh god I need to get out of here. He turned his attention back to Lateesha as he did that he used the brick to break a few things that were hanging on her wall. I took that as my cue to hide. I got up off the couch and backed myself to the kitchen, with the thought of locking myself in the bathroom till it was all over. He noticed that I had gotten up and turned his attention back towards me. I put my hands in the air and repeated what I had already said before... I guess he took that as a threat, and got really angry more than he already was. I saw him come at me with the hand that had

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