The Cholesterol Race Essay

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The Cholesterol Race PCSK9 stands for proprotein convertase subtilisin/kexin 9. PCSK9 inhibitors are being made to help reduce cholesterol. Scientists are very optimistic that PCSK9 inhibitor drugs can decrease cholesterol, which is one of the major health problems in the United States today. Many people are dying each year because of high cholesterol. Two companies are gaining a lot of ground on coming up with a drug to lower cholesterol without horrible side effects. These are Sanofi and Regenron, and Amgen. The government must grant money to one of these companies so they can come up with the perfect drug to lower cholesterol without adverse effects. “LDL cholesterol – so-called “bad cholesterol” – is a major health problem, contributing to development of heart disease, which is the leading cause of death in the U.S” (Curley, Ann, CNN, 2012). These PCSK9 inhibitors are being created using genetic technology which produces a lab created protein. Its purpose is to prevent the PCSK9 protein from impairing the LDL receptors on the liver. This lab made drug is extremely expensive for any company. To ensure that either company can have unlimited resources and the best technology, the government needs to step in and grant a sum to one company. The drug makers of Sanofi and Regeneron came up with a drug called REGN727. This drug significantly reduced cholesterol from 40 percent to 72 percent when given at two-week intervals. It was also given at four-week intervals but the effects were not nearly as significant. However, “Six patients, all receiving REGN727, stopped the therapy due to adverse events which included headache, injection site reactions, and diarrhea” (Curley, Ann, CNN, 2012). Those side effects would likely scare anyone. That is why the government needs to step in and offer a grant for these companies to dig deeper into their studies and come up with

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