The Choices we make Essay

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“I had no other choice” I heard him say it, but it took me longer to believe it. I had only known Chuck for one year, but the connection we had made felt stronger than those of lifelong friends. His school funding had been cut off, and he could not return. “Yes you did, you could have gone to community college. I can’t believe you’re just giving up. You have so much potential.” I said. “Enlisting in the Navy is not giving up, it’s probably the best decision I have ever made. I have nothing here. The only people who care about me are my grandparents, and they won’t be around forever” “They are the only people? Well, I guess all your friends here don’t matter to you. I mean, all we’ve ever done was help you out with your stupid family and girlfriend drama. “I replied back angrily, with tears starting to flow from my eyes. “Meg, that’s not what I meant. What I meant to say is that I just can’t be at home anymore. College was my home, but I can’t come back. This is the only way I can make something of myself.” At this point, I wasn’t even paying attention to him anymore. The tears I had been trying to withhold burst from my eyes. The idea of losing him was too much to bear. He always had been there for me. Before I could think of anymore problems, Chris interrupted my train of thought by handing me a box of tissues. “Thanks.” I said. I then blew my noise, which as usual made the most unflattering sound. Chris laughed as I blushed in embarrassment. “Look, the program I got into is great. I can take college courses online, and I can go for my masters after I’m discharged.” He replied, in what I assumed was an attempt to comfort me. “That sounds nice, but what if…” “Yes?” I thought about my response, not wanting to break his confidence. But, as his friend, I owed it to him to be honest. “What if something happens within the next five years?” I
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