The Chocolate War Essay

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Based on the story, The Chocolate War, By Robert Cormier, I consider a hero to be anyone who stands up for what they believe in. Someone who’s morals can have a great impact on a community. I believe the main character, Jerry Renault, is a hero. I believe this because jerry has gone against the grain in this story, standing up for what he believes in, he entered a fight in which he knew he had slim to no chance of winning, but, he did it because he would not stand to lose his integrity over people that have become greedy in power. There are many people in history that have stood up for what they believe in, and have tried, and some have succeeded to break the chains of oppression. Here are some for example: Winston Churchill, Martin Luther King Jr., and Ho Chi Min, just to name a few. There is one person in the modern day that I will always consider a hero, just for the fact that he stood up for what he believed in, this person is Michael Jackson. Until a few days ago, I never really ever paid attention to him, then I became curious as to how he went through life before he died. And I noticed that in the early 90’s he made a song called “Black Or White” , in the music video for this song, the last 4 minutes were cut out because Michael showed how much he hated racism and how everyone should be equal, his record company called it useless and did not use it. Michael Jackson made speeches against racism and he stood up for what he believed in. The more he did things against the record dealers, the more he fell in a fight which he could not win, just like Jerry, these record dealers were not too happy with the choices he was making. They did things to warn him of what will happen if he didn’t stop, things like false allegations of child molestation, for example. This connects to what Archie and the vigils did to jerry for not wanting to sell chocolates, like verbally

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